Friday, April 1, 2011

On the Bottle!!!

Hi Everyone I hope you are still dropping by just in case!!! I am working away at things, but most of what I am doing is prep work for classes and you have already seen the finished project. I think you have seen a version of this post too but I like this one better than the previous version. This is going to be a class in April. I only used a bottle of juice here to keep the cost of the class down but if an individual bottle of wine was used or a small bottle of Bailey's it would make a really nice gift (I think so anyway). This Saturday I am teaching all day. In the morning it's Distress Ink painting technique and in the afternoon we put the technique to good on a Tilda with Tealights card. Looking forward to it. They are always such lovely ladies and we have a few laughs along the way. It's been an absolutely GLORIOUS week of weather here in Upper Hutt. The mornings are definitely showing signs of Autumn but the sunshine later in the day is SOOOOOO hot. Long may it last. We change the clocks back this weekend which I personally hate - yuk to dark nights and mornings!!! Still we have had a very good summer and the longer the sunny days go on the shorter the winter will be. I watched the two netball games tonight and the team I wanted to win both games did!!! That doesn't happen very often. I'm going to a live game in Aussie in a couple of weeks - in fact it's the return match of one of tonight's games - Firebirds vs Vixens. I can't wait. Just let me at those thunder sticks!!! Right off to bed after I've brushed my teeth. 'Night 'night and thanks for looking. [Image]