Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Couple of 'Specials'

 These two cards are for Special People if you know what I mean.  I think you do.  We all have at lease a few Special People in our lives who we make things for. These people are Special for many reasons, not least of which is for the fact that they REALLY appreciate the cards you make for them.  It is such a joy to give to people like this.  I don't know who said it but I'm right in there with him/her 'It is better to give than to receive'.  I do SO love giving things to people.  Have a lovely day.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Through a Hole in the Wall

 Hello Everyone and I hope you have had a good weekend.  Early Sunday evening here in NZ and the weekend is almost over.  It's been quite productive for me I have to say.  This is this afternoon's ceation and I must say I am quite pleased with it.  I am getting to like these stencils/masks more and more.  First time I have used my brick one and the concept of 'a hole in the wall ' appealed especially as a male card (always hard to come up with as we ALL know).  Had a dummy run on copy paper and discovered a lot from that so that my 'good ' effort turned out pretty well.  I'm thinking up more things to view through the hole as I type.  Hope your week goes well.  PS this card is for my nephew.
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Few More Christmas Cards Done

Hi Everyone on a dismal, drizzly Satruday morning. The temperature is not exactly tropical either!!!  Never mind get on with the post.  Two more designs of Christmas cards and my total is now up to 50 completed so the end really is in sight. I am really pleased with the bauble one.  I spent a bit of time doing a 'mock up'  on scrap paper but it was well worth it.  These two are for the Nifty Fifty instructors but I think I will do a few more like this.  The church one I did with a new stencil/mask I bought whilst I was in the UK.  I hope your weather is brighter than mine wherever you are.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for looking.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Attempt with Gelli Plate

When I first saw the Gelli Plate artwork I decided it was definhitely NOT my kind of thing.  I was watching Barbara Gray move out of her very talented comfort zone and try this new medium called Gelli Plate.  No not for me!!! but as she progressed and tried more things and different things I began to get more interested.  So long story short I ordered one but before I had chance to try Barbara's technique Tracy from Lavinia stamps came up wih a completely diffrent way to use the Gelli Plate.  Google it and watch her video.  So that's what I tried here and I loved it.  The stamps are Lavinia Zentangle stamps.  I still have to try Barbara's way with acrylic paint and masks but for now this is my first Gelli Plate attempt.  Hope you like.  Have a good day.
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God Rest Ye . . . .

. . . .Merry Gentlemen.  Another 6 Christmas cards compleed this morning.  Have had good intentions over the last week or so but somehow just never got ink to card!!!   First time I've used these two stamps which are from Clarity Stamp by Barbara Gray.  Love the brayer as you well know and the masking for the houses was fun and diffrent to do.  Just have envelopes to make for them.  The end is in sight I think as I only have 12 more to make.  Have a couple more cards to post for you and then it's back to the craft desk to see if I can knock out 12 more cards today.  It's a bit cold and miserable today so an excellent day for card making.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just For You Ali

These are the other designs I have made so far.  I have 20 of the reindeer ones.  I bought the reindeer die in the UK .  Can't think of the name of them at the moment but Stephanie Weightman designs them.  Google her and you will find her lovely range.  The side step cards are real simple once you get your head around where to cut and where to fold (and which way to fold).  See you Monday YEAH!!!

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I Really Do Love. . . . .

. . . .this technique.  This sepia version is a get well card  for a friend who was involved in a serious car accident on Thursday. Glad to say she isn't too badly injured but the young man who caused the accident paid the ultimate price.  What a waste of a young life.  Anyway I hope the card cheers her up.  Enjoy the sunshine today here in NZ.
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Coming Along Nicely

Good Evening Everyone.  Well I'm pleased to report that I've had a successful week this week.  I have plodded steadily away at Christmas cards (2 designs you see here) and now I have made 40 whch is two thirds of my total.  Six of the remaining ones have to be 'Special' for the Special people in our lives so they will take a bit more time and thought but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  Have a nice weekend one and all and stay safe out there if you are travelling.

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