Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not Too Sure About This One!

Good Morning Everyone. Not such a successful day yesterday!! My aim was to create a Bargello card - (those among you who have embroidered or patchworked will recognise the name.) So I cut and decorated my wider strips, stuck them onto Jac paper and then cut them into narrow strips. Then came the fun part of creating my pattern. Well I got so carried away I forgot to create my wave pattern!! so I just ended up with one large chevron! B*gg**!!!!!!!! Start over Elaine - isn't that what crafting is all about? Sooooooo a little(?) while later I ended up with this and now I'm not sure about it anyway!!! Maybe I'll try the technique again using scrapbook papers. What do you think?
It's a rainy day again here so what other excuse do I need to get busy with my stamps and ink pads? I hope your day is filled with good inspirations. Thanks for visiting.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Bit of Extra Info.

The photo of the rose card in the last post doesn't show it very well but the background piece of cream card is embossed with the Happy Birthday folder in my Cuttle bug machine.

Two More Birthday Cards

Nearly bedtime again but just wanted to share my last two January birthday creations with you.  It's been a good couple of days and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself for getting them all 'done and dusted' as the saying goes.  Tomorrow I'm going to start on samples for 2010 classes at a nearby craft shop where I teach.  I'll share when I come up with something interesting.  'Night 'night sleep tight.

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Hi Everyone I hope you are all having a peaceful Sunday after the hectic activities of the last few days. I walked for a couple of hours this morning with my friend Ellen even though it was a bit rainy. Then I braved the shops to exchange a faulty gift. It was pretty quiet I have to say and the people who were around were still in festive spirit so it was quite pleasant and it was Mission Accomplished in a very short time. The rain has set in now and it is quite miserable here so a perfect excuse to sit at my craft desk again. I seem to be on a roll at the moment so I'll keep going before my Mojo deserts me. I hope you like today's first creation. I love this set of stamps. It cost me an arm and a leg but I have used the stamps lots so it was worth it. I am going to enjoy a cup of tea now and read a bit of my book before doing another card. Thanks for visiting.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Third Post Of The Day!!

I'm here again with card number four!!! I stamped my images in black and embossed them with clear powder. Then I painted with US ArtQuest metallic paints. These are lovely to use and give a beautiful translucent result. Oh I forgot to say that the images down the left hand side are stamped on vellum so those images are even more translucent. I was going to put a greeting on but when I got to this stage I thought it looked clean and fresh and that little voice in my head said STOP!- and I listened. Hope you like. Promise no more today as I'm off to bed as soon as I've finished this and brushed my teeth. Tomorrow is another day - as they say. Thanks for stopping by.
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Two In One Day

Wow! This is getting serious - two in one day and I am still in the mood to do more!! I have had a lovely day puddling along working through my birthday list and creating something appropriate for the personality of each recipient.  That is my aim anyway so I hope I am succeeding.  Two very different cards - for two very different friends.  I hope you like them. I may be back.  Gosh I sound like Arnie!!

Back to Creating

I had a fantastic day yesterday with our 2 daughters, their partners and our 3 wonderful grandchildren  Santa brought hula hoops and hilarity was the result. It was such fun I can thourighly recommend them.  We certainly excersised our laughing muscles even if a few couldn't master the art of hula hooping!
Today it's back to the January birthday cards!  Here is the first one of about 8 I need before the end of January! 

Has anyone started on their Christmas cards yet? (LOL)  Thanks for visiting today.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Hello again Everyone.  No creation today but just a greeting from my house to yours.  I can see from my counter that I have had quite a few visitors to my wee Blog since I started it last week and to those people I say a very big thatnk -you.  It has given me encouragement to carry on posting.  I would like to wish you all a Verry Merry Christmas and lots of Sunshine and Rainbows for 2010.  Wherever you are at this Special Time be safe and be happy.  I hope you are able to be with loved ones.  I'll post more creations in a few days (when the food has settled!!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Hi Again Everyone (Anyone) Well we had the most wonderful weekend with my nephew and his partner. Our time together was so very short but I tell you we did NOT waste a single minute. It was action packed from the time we picked them mid afternoon Friday until we put them on the ferry early Sunday morning. They now tour New Zealand for the next couple of weeks or so before flying back to the UK with a 3 day stopover in Perth, Western Australia. Thanks to their pre-Christmas visit I am very organised and ready for the Big Day!!!(very smug!)Now that all the Christmas cards are out of the way I can start on my January birthday cards - and I have a lot of January birthdays!! Here is the first of them. It is made with the fantastic Stampscape stamps. I love their stamps and their website is full of wonderful examples and tips. Take a look and you'll fall in love with them too. Hope you like my version of one of their classics. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi - I just have about 15 minutes before we go to the airport to pick up my nephew and partner so I will share the card I have made for my husband for Christmas with you.  It is based on a Michelle Zindorf card.  Have you ever looked at that ladies work??  If not then Google Zindorf and go take a look!!!  She does the most wonderful work and not only that she shares very detailed instructions in her tutorials!!  Fantastic!  Anyway this is my version of a recent Michelle creation.  I must say I am quite pleased with it.  You have to be prepared to spend a little time creating these works of art.  Not for a person in a hurry.  Anyway must go.  I am so excited as I haven't seen my nephew since 1994!!  Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clocks for Christmas

Hi again - Another couple of very busy days have flashed by but I have made good progress both inside and outside the house.  We have the first of our overseas visitors arriving on Friday - my nephew and his partner - so we have been working outside getting the garden looking lovely.  Inside I have continued on with making my Christmas gifts.  The photo shows a just a couple of the CD clocks I have been making for Christmas gifts for friends this year.  They are fun to make, don't take long to do and of course you can make them as personal as you wish.  Hope you like them.  Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sorry - forgot to include the picture!!  That'll teach me to get carried away.  I'll try again.

Learned a little more!!

Well the date and the time were wrong but it showed up where it was supposed to!!! How cool!!! I have fiddled about and managed to change the date and time so I am feeling a little braver now.
I'll try another Christmas post shall I?  I created this for a challenge.  The card is a tri-fold and has part of Twas the Night Before Christmas inside.  I coloured the holly with brush markers to get green leaves and red berries and then did a lot of huffing to re-moisten the ink.  It worked very well.  It's nice to have a co-ordinated card and gift box.

Christmas Tree With a Difference

Hi Everyone (Anyone) visiting.  I am VERY new to this and feeling very unsure of what and how to do things!!  This is my very first post and as it's so close to Christmas I thought I'd  show my version of Christmas Topiary (or try to anyway).  It is a lovely project to make if a little time consuming.  Well worth the effort I think.  Thanks for visiting.