Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Finally Made It

Hello Everyone I am very pleased to upload this post and show you all that I DID get my last calendar made today in between Grandchildren and baby sitting the dog. It was another awful day for weather here in Upper Hutt so it was just the ticket for being cosy and warm and doing a bit of crafting in between playing Happy Families and Guess Who? The kids were good. The dog was good and so all in all it was a good day. I have just finished sticking the flowers onto the calendar and like the other one I just have to add the 2012 calendar pad when in the UK. So lucky to have such a wide range of gorgeous papers to choose from to create with. These are all Basic Grey as are the ones on the other calendar. Well it is late and time for bed. Early start tomorrow to get Trent and Tayla organised and over to Nana's house ASAP so that I have the rest of the day to vacuum up dog hairs etc and finally pack my suitcase before 3.30pm when our transport to the airport arrives. Once again I thank-you for looking today and I will be back crafting in mid August. Bye and take care.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

another Calendar

Hello Everyone. It's very late here but I just wanted to post this quickly before heading off to bed. I have managed to squeeze a few minutes here and there between Trent, Tayla and the dog staying with us at the moment to finish it off. I just have the calendar for 2012 to add once I get to the UK and buy some!! I love making these. This one is for a friend who has 3 gorgeous granddaughters (and who loves chocolate!!!) I have another one partly made and hope to squeeze a few more minutes tomorrow to complete it. We went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 this afternoon followed by McDonalds for tea (the kids - not me!!!) It was very cold here today but we were quite happy, snug and warm inside playing games until it was time to go to the movies. Last day with T&T tomorrow and then we are away on Sunday afternoon. I'll try to post the other calendar which is for a friend with 2 grandsons and a granddaughter. If I don't manage it then I'll catch up with you all in August but who knows I might even send you a post to let you know what we're up to on our travels. Thanks so much for looking today. Stay safe and stay healthy
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Monday, June 13, 2011

On a Roll

Hi Again. It's been a good day today what with my earlier post and now these three made this evening. Pretty obvious which is which but Together Forever is the engagement card. Edwin is for our Grandson Trent and Tilda is for our youngest grandchild Tayla. Always enjoy painting Tilda and Edwin with my Distress Inks so it was a fun evening. I have made a good start on one calendar too so I am off to bed now feeling well pleased with myself. It's off to the hairdresser in the morning for a cut and colour (or rather a colour and cut) and then on Wednesday I have a 2 hour pampering at a spa to look forward too. I am starting to feel holiday mood coming on!!! 'Night 'night sleep tight and thanks for stopping by.

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Almost There

Hello again Everyone. Well we leave next Sunday so time is becoming very short. I taught my last class on Saturday and it went very well. We made the Twas The Night Before starbook. It was a full day class and we constructed the book in the morning and then did the stamping and colouring in the afternoon. I had eight ladies and all seemed very happy with their books, so that was good. Each year when we go away I post a card to each of our daughters and grandchildren so that they will receive them the day after we leave, just so they know how much we love them and will miss them whilst we are away. These three are for our two daughters and our eldest granddaughter (22). Tonight I will finish off a Tilda and an Edwin card which will be for my two favourite Little People (I won't be able to call them that for much longer as they are shooting up so fast). Then I hope to make at least a couple of Tilda calendars before we go as I want to take them with me as gifts. Oh and I have an engagement card to make too. I'll try to remember to take photos of them as I finish them but I get so excited to have finished another one that I put it in an envelope and stick it down, forgetting to photograph it!!! Duh!!! Right I'd better go and get a bit more done. I haven't even written a list of things to pack yet! My two favourite Littlies are coming on Thursday and staying until Saturday! No pressure Granma!!! Bye and thanks for looking.

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