Monday, June 10, 2013

Male Production Line

These two pics are the same card.  The first one taken with NO flash and the second taken with flash.  I like them both.  The darker one shows the 'sunlight' effect very well but the colours are a bit subduyed.  The other one's colours are much brighter but the 'sunlight' effect not so prominent.  Yeah I like both pics.  Hope you do too. (Of course in 'real life' they are one and the same!!!) This is the card which came out of my male production line.

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Production Line

June and July are my two busiest months for birthdays and so with going away I needed 9 cards either to leave behind here or to take with me to post whilst away. I cheated somewhat as my time line was shortening rapidly and got a production line going with a couple of my designs.  This pic shows the one I did for the ladies on the list.
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Scenic Tag

Hi Everyone.  Just a few quick posts today. I have a very busy week ahead as we go away on holiday next weekend and I'm sure you ALL know what that does to the timetable of things!!!  I taught two classes last Saturday.  The first one was the Peek a Boo box with Tilda which I posted a while back and the other one was these scenic tags which I also posted a while back.  People seem to have trouble thinking of what to do with their tags once they have created then.  Hence I made this tag into the focal point on the front of a birthday card to give them another option for the tag.  I like it anyway!!!
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