Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cane Deer

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas and that is SOOOOO scarey.  This Saturday I have an All Day Class to make an Origami Christmas decoration which involves folding SIXTY (yes SIXTY) paper squares into a cone shape before assembling them into a beautiful ball.  So to relieve to monotony of folding these said squares I found these cute wee Cane Deer (LURVE the name) as a bonus for my ladies.  I am sure they will love the short diversion AND the end product.  Aren't they just the cutest??  Susan Pincock I can see you making LOTS of these (if you haven't already done them in previous years) Just your kinda thing.  They don't cost much and they are real quick to make.  Hope you all love them too.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Look What I Found

I thought it was worth a look in the holiday photos I took and look what I found.  This was for a dear friend of ours and she loved it.  She has had it framed.
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Hi Everyone and another frustrating morning here in NZ waiting for Our Guys to lift the America's Cup!!!  For those of you not in the know we only need ONE more race but that race is very elusive.  USA won TWO!!!!!!! races today to give them FOUR!!!!!on the trot.  How come they never have the bad luck of the race being called when they are WAYout in front????? Aaaaargh  my nerves are frazzled!!  So maybe I should sit down and do some Zentangle which is proven to be calming and very theraputic.  I discovered it a couple of years or so ago and I love it.  Trouble is I don't seem to get much time to do it what with class samples, instructions etc.  However when we went away for 8 weeks this winter I took my Zentangle stuff with me and made good progress.  I had bought a set of alphabet templates and used these to draw my letters which I then filled with different tangles.  It was a great way for me to practise lots of different tangles.  I had not thought of posting them on my blog and unfortunately, as I used friend's and family's initials, I have given them away!!  However I have just done his for our Darling Granddaughter and that was when the thought of blogging it came to me.  I only know a few of the tangles by name as yet but I DEFINITELY have my favourites.  I need to be firm with myself and make sure I try new ones and even ones I am not so fond of so that I increase my skill.  If you would like to know more then just Google Zentangle.  Rick and Maria who started it all have a fabulous website and there are many, many enthusiasts who generously share their ideas and talents.  You can go the States and take part in a residential course to become a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) .  NZ doesn't have any CZTs as yet.  Maybe I could become the first??  Now there's a good thought to finish on.  Have a good day.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Two More Recent Creations

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So Glad It's Spring

 Hello Everyone I'm back in circulation.  I've been away overseas for a couple of months and in the month we've been back I've been trying to catch up on things which have taken priority over crafting.  However now I have found a bit of time to create these four cards and a couple of others which I will post directly afterwards.  Many thanks to Christina Griffiths for her wonderful inspiration and tuition with Spellbinders.  They are capable of SOOOOOOOOOO much more than I had been giving them credit for.  I am loving creating with them.  The butterfly cards are created from a beautiful set of papers and embellishments I bought in the UK.  Gorgeous to work with.  I have a laundry basket FULL of goodies I bought in the UK but I haven't had time to play with them yet.  I can tell you I have some treats in store.  Beautiful Spring day again today here.  I'm off to Oz on the early morning flight tomorrow to spend a few days with our Darling Granddaughter who turns 24 on Thursday.  Looking forward to a few fun filled, sun filled days in Surfers Paradise.  Talk to you when I get back.  Thanks for looking today.

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