Monday, October 15, 2012

Same ...but a little bit different

Hi again Everyone.  Well my Two Favourite Little People have returned to home and school today and of course the house is dreadfully quiet and empty.  I keep thinking I hear someone calling 'Hey Granma . . . '.  We had wonderful holidays and did lots of fun stuff together.  My waistline is glad they have gone home though as we did LOTS of baking and of course eating of the said baking.  Chocolate Brownie to die for.  Banana Cake . . . . with Chocolate Icing.  Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Are you detecting a theme here??? Yes you're right . . . . . ANYTHING with CHOCOLATE in it was the order of the day.  I have to say that they are pretty good Little Cooks for not quite 11 and just turned 9.  Tayla, the 9 year old, cracks eggs on the side of the bowl just like the professionals do.  Something I cannot do and never could even before my fuzzy finger days!!!  Anyway on to tonight's post - more Christmas decorations.  A silver version of the one I posted the other day and a slightly different one with a greeting across the front.  I just love making these.  You need to be patient as they do take a little time but so satisfying.  A friend and I are off on a wee road trip tomorrow to see the rhododendrons in full bloom (we hope) in Kimbolton, which is about a 3 hour drive from home.  Can I feel a Thelma and Louise day coming on??? Thanks for looking today.
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Monday, October 8, 2012

I Love This . . . . .

. . . . .decoration.  I just invested in the new bundle from Stampin Up.  As many of you will know this gorgeous decoration is on the front of the Holiday Mini Catalogue.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I have to say a BIG thank-you to all of you lovely ladies out there who have been so generous in putting YouTube videos on line showing just how to make this.  I took the best bits from several to create  mine.  I have more planned some the same and some a bit different.  It takes a wee while but SOOOOO worth it don't you think?  Trent and Tayla have made mini Christmas trees but I haven't managed to snap them with them as yet.  Trent isn't very co-operative when it comes to photographs!!!  They have also made a storage box each and today made Dancing Aliens at the library program.  I'll try to get photos to post.  Thanks for looking today.
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