Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pretty Little Lady

Just had fun with this card just for the sake of fun.  No special reason or occasion for it I just played and this is what came out.  I must say I quite like it and it was nice not to be under any sort of pressure or time constraints as is usually the case.  Hope you like it and I hope your weekend is going along well and you are all enjoying doing something you want to do. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Envelope Punch Board Class . . . .

. . . .  coming up later this month.  An all day class making all the things in the photo.  It's always good to be able to use a piece of equipment for more than one thing.  Makes the purchase so much more value for money.  So that is the idea behind the class and I thank many ladies who have generously shared their talent over YouTube so that people like me can learn these new techniques.  Thank-you.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Playing With Parchment

Hello Everyone and I hope your weekend is going well.  Lovely Saturday here in Upper Hutt.  I've been playing with parchment/vellum these last few days and I've posted the resulting cards today for you to see.  I haven't used any parchment/vellum for ages.  I did do some Pergamano a few years ago but whilst it is beautiful it is just too time consuming for me. These few cards vary from quick and simple to more time consuming ones.  I LOVE the look I achieved by dry embossing the parchment with normal embossing folders and my E-Bosser.  It gives a similar look to Pergamo but MUCH quicker. The other two cards have a parchment/vellum overlay which gives a lovely (I think) soft, muted effect.  The golden rule when stamping on parchment is to use an archival ink which WILL dry.  Having said that, I did use Adirondack Pitch Black to stamp the rose on the parchment because I wanted to use my ProMarkers (alcohol based) to colour the image and if you use archival ink it reacts with the markers and smudges.  So how did I get the Adirondack to dry??  I left the image for a while and then gently blotted  the image to see how wet it still was.  I then heat set it making sure to keep the heat gun WELL away from the surface.  A little patience required but it worked eventually.