Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thanks Ali . . . . .

 . . . . . for pointing me in the direction of this little gem.  Simple to make, very nice to make and lovely to look at.  Certainly a good class project to teach.  I am going to make a flower garden one for those people who do not have Little People in their lives to make one for.  I'll let you know how I get on.  Hugs Ali (especially today.  Thinking of you both)  Back to the craft desk while my Mojo is still in residence.  PS I still have embellishments to put on the sides of the card but don't have any suitable ones in my stash (who ever would have thought that???) and I'm not going to the shop (60kms away) for a few days yet.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cross Stitch by the Sea

 Mid morning post today before we go out to lunch.  Then the ANZ 2013 Netball Championship starts this afternoon.  Woohoo.  So I'll be watching TV with a Do Not Disturb sign around my neck!!! I do sooooooooooo love my netball games.  Wish I could still play!!  I have bought a season ticket for the home games of The Pulse this year as we have SUCH good home games so I am looking forward to the season ahead.  In the meantime I have done another 'cross stitch' card which would make a great male card.  It is not an oiginal idea but one from Michelle Zindorf but I liked the idea so much I copied.  Thanks Michelle.  It is a lovely technique to do and VERY simple.  I think I may be using it lots!!  Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for visiting today.
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Cross Stitch??

 Yet another late night post so it will be a quickie.  Loved the look of 'the cross stitch' technique and here is my first attempt at it.  I LOVE it.  It is so effective and yet SO simple to do.  I could have done with a different flower stamp but this was the best I could find in my stash. Tomorrow I'm going to have a go at a diferent one.  I will of course post it once it's done.  I think I just found another class!!  Have a great weekend Everyone.  The weather is set fine again here in Upper Hutt which is just as well for we have workmen coming to fix the roof tomorrow.  Sleep tight and thanks for visiting again.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Christmas 'Magic Box'

Hi Everyone just time for a quick post before bedtime.  Last Saturday I taught the Magic Box class and the one we made was the post from a wee while ago with purple flowers and butterflies in it but I made this dear wee snowman sample to give a different idea to my class.  I asked if it prompted any other ideas and got some cool answers. If you look back at the flower post you will see the flowers floating  on acetate stems.  Well one lady suggested cars and cogs etc for a manly version.  Another suggestion was birds on the acetate stems and I thought one with dolphins on the stems would be ideal for Trent and Tayla after our recent adventure.  They are such fun to do and VERY easy.  Night 'night and thanks for visiting.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Picton Trip

Hi Everyone.  It's been a while but I have been busy I promise even though this post is a non crafting one.  Last weekend myself and my Two Favourite Little People (who are catching me up fast now) took a trip on the Inter Island Ferry to Picton where we hoped to go swimming with the dolphins.  It was all Tayla's idea and of course she rang G'ma to ask if we could do it.  So I got on the Internet and got it all organised.  We left early on Friday morning and as you can see from the photos is was just the perfect day.  It started out a little cool especially outside on the boat but once we were safely in Picton boy was it hot!!! We found playgrounds and swimming pools to heat us up and then cool us down again afterwards.  Saturday was THE day.  Another early start - plenty of time needed to wriggle ourselves into our wet suits!  There were about ten of us on the tour and we searched all over for the dolphins.  We found some little Hector's dolphins who put on a spectacular show for us which was great.  Because they are endangered we were not allowed to get into the water with them but we sure did enjoy seeing them.  As for the other 5 species which we would have been allowed to swim with - well I'm afraid they just didn't want to play on Saturday which was a shame.  We did see lots of fur seals too but sadly no dolphins!  The weather was glorious and we spent the afternoon playing mini golf and visiting the aquarium.  Sunday morning and the sun STILL shining.  More fun at the playground, riding the miniature train and sailing boats on the boating pool before catching the afternoon ferry back to Wellington.  What a great weekend we had together.  We laughed so much at times that my tummy hurt.  They are such special kids and I am a very lucky G'ma to have them.

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