Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cross Stitch by the Sea

 Mid morning post today before we go out to lunch.  Then the ANZ 2013 Netball Championship starts this afternoon.  Woohoo.  So I'll be watching TV with a Do Not Disturb sign around my neck!!! I do sooooooooooo love my netball games.  Wish I could still play!!  I have bought a season ticket for the home games of The Pulse this year as we have SUCH good home games so I am looking forward to the season ahead.  In the meantime I have done another 'cross stitch' card which would make a great male card.  It is not an oiginal idea but one from Michelle Zindorf but I liked the idea so much I copied.  Thanks Michelle.  It is a lovely technique to do and VERY simple.  I think I may be using it lots!!  Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for visiting today.
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