Thursday, May 30, 2013

Christmas Dec oration!!!

Alright I know.  It isn't even June yet and here I am posting Xmas decorations.  Well I do have a good excuse.  In a couple of weeks we are off on holiday for 7 weeks and so I needed to get organised for classes in August and Septermber so that I am not in a total tizzy when we get back.  This Origami ball is just SOOOOOOOO gorgeous but it does take a wee bit of time.  I had thought it might be a bit of a pig to put together once all the elements were made but no.  It was EASY PEASY!! I am going to teach it in September and it will be a complete day's class simply because you need 60 individual cones which as you can imagine take a wee while to fold.  Well worth the effort I can vouch for that.  Hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to the long weekend here in NZ.  Thanks for looking today.
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