Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today's Outing

After having pancakes for breakfast  we three caught the train to 'The Big Smoke' today - Wellington.  There is a temporary ice skating rink set up on the water front which T&T tried out.  It was a stunning day weatherwise.  As the saying goes 'You Can't Beat Wellington On A Good Day' and that was certainly true today.  The ice rink was fabulous and the kids enjoyed a good couple of hours gliding around.  They are experienced in-line skaters and so took to the ice rink like ducks to water.  Afterwards we walked along the waterfront and found the crocodile bikes so we hired on for half an hour and G'ma sat in the middle and enjoyed the ride whilst T&T pedaled away and took us all along the beautiful waterfront in the beautiful sunshine.  A long walk back to the station where we had lunch at Macdonald's before catching the train home.  Three weary travellers tonight.  Two already asleep and this one about to go to bed as soon as I finish this.  Movies tomorrow evening and more baking planned for either tomorrow or Friday or even both who knows??  I love my Grandchildren and school holidays!!!

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