Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gelli Plate Efforts

Hi Everyone on this Christmas Eve.  I hope you are not too stressed and that your plans for Christmas are almost finalised.  It has been a very different build up to Christmas for me this year as we are taking our two daughters, their partners and three grandchildren to Disneyland LA.  As we fly on Christmas Day and don't return until 7 Jan, we decided not to put up the tree and all the trimmings so I have to say it has been VERY weird. We have been planning this trip since June and now here we are just a day away from the big adventure beginning.  In between all the little panics that have arisen I had to find time to make my early January birthday cards as I need to get them away in the mail TODAY since I won't be back in time to post them after Christmas.  So here you see my efforts using stencils and my Gelli Plate.  Thanks to Barbara Gray for the instructions on how to get this effect.  These are my first efforts using this technique and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  It was a little warm the afternoon I did it and so I had to work VERY quickly because the acrylic paint was drying out quickly in the heat.  They turned out alright I think and on the whole I was pleased.  I touched up 'dodgy'areas with my Promarker (LOVE these) and Hey Presto no one would ever know there was an 'oopsie'!!  I hope you enjoy looking at them (maybe taking a breather with a cuppa?).  I'm off to the mail to post these.  Have a lovely Christmas whatever you may be doing.  Travel safely.  Enjoy the sunshine if you are in the Southern hemisphere or stay warm if you are in the Northern hemisphere.  All good wishes to you and your loved ones and I hope for a happy, healthy 2014 for you all. Hugs from Crafty Granma x
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