Thursday, May 1, 2014

Four Little Maids

Tayla's handiwork from yesterday and tonight.  I thought she would be turning out these by the score but she was slow to get started on them so I stamped four out onto flesh coloured card and just left them on the table.  That was all it needed.  She got the scissors and away she went.  I showed her how to dress them using the paper piecing method and I have to say for a 10 year old she does a fantastic job on the 'Fussy Cutting'.  I haven't ever explained to her about moving the paper and NOT the scissors but that is exactly what she does.  It must be in the genes.  Most of the adults in my classes cannot get the hang of that!!  We have had a fantastic day today.  We left home at about 10 this morning and didn't get back until 5.30 this evening.  We went to Masterton and played mini golf, had a picnic, payed at the park and then had about 2 and a half hours in the swimming pool.  This evening Tayla baked banana choc chip muffins with a very tired G'ma supervising from the stool at the breakfast bar!!! I promised her I would post the dollies before I went to bed so now I have done that I can fall into my bed with a clear conscience.  Last day with them tomorrow.  Another early start for the movies at 10.15 and then I think it is a cake pop session tomorrow afternoon before they go home once Mum finishes work for the day. Night night. PS The dolly by itself is her favourite one.  Thought the faces she drew on them were very cute too.


  1. Oh they are so awesome, Well done Tayla, my favourite is the Red Head with the pink dress with little little bit of colour on her cheeks.

  2. That was the first one she did Ali. Has taken four more home with her to complete. Catch up soon xx