Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Three off the List

Hello Everyone. It's been almost a week since I posted something so sorry for that. I had a busy weekend - teaching all day Saturday and then catching up with things on Sunday. Add to this the fact that I have had a very heavy cold for the last week and it's not surprising to me that a week has slipped by. Winter has really set in here in Upper Hutt and it's been wet and miserable for the last ten days or so. It's not actually been too cold, but it sure seems it when the weather is so grey and wet outside the window. Anyway - enough moaning - get over it Elaine. At least I will be taking off for warmer climes in just over a week. These three cards are the last from my MUST DO BEFORE I GO list. The moonlight one has tiny stars in the sky too. I think you can just see one at the left side but there are more. Maybe you will see them if you click on the image to enlarge it? It is for our son-in-law's birthday. I think I have shown you a version of the second card before. This is a birthday card for a dear friend we shall be seeing whilst in the UK. I love this seascape stamp. It's so peacefull and very calming to work on I find. The red flowers on the trees are Pohutukawa flowers and bloom here in NZ at Christmas time and so we affectionately call it our Christmas Tree. The friend who it is for has a daughter living in NZ and has visited several times when the trees are in flower so that is why I included them. The last card is a Well Done card for someone I just felt needed a bit of recognition. So I had a productive afternoon yesterday and now I have lots of ticks on my list!! Today's job is to get class material ready for this Saturday when I am teaching in the morning and running a Question and Answer session in the afternoon. I keep getting a few butterflies in my tummy when I think of the deadlines I still have to meet. Still I expect everything will get done. It usually does and at least all my cards are done now. Thanks for stopping by a listening to me dribble on - sorry. See you next time.
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  1. Very, very nice Elaine. You have some awesome stamp sets! Love the scenes you create.