Friday, August 20, 2010

My Little Mermaid

Hello Everyone and apologies for my abscence but I have been in a massive fight with my computer, camera and scanner!!! I have had such problems. I was just about tearing my hair out. Nothing wanted to talk to each other and hence I haven't been able to Blog anything. Such frustration!!! Anyway I have managed to get this photo in (tomorrow may be another story). Harold and I spent a large part of our morning constructing this little beauty for our youngest granddaughter, Tayla, who turns 7 on Sunday. A mermaid was her request and I want to send thanks to all the mums and grandmas who trod this path before me and published their efforts on-line. Some of them were a great help as guidance. Thank-you. I have been busy with paper crafts too and hopefully will have a couple of things to show later. Thanks for your patience and continued visits. I was amazed last Wednesday when I had over 100 hits on the one day. I appreciate you looking and if you should leave a comment I am over the moon. See you next time.
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