Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

Hello Everyone. Another week sped by and no posts!! I am sorry but things are a little bit crazy here at our place just now. We had a new lounge suite, which was ordered way back in January, delivered a few days ago and so we had to rearrange things to accommodate it. That has led to somewhat of an Autumn (as oppose to a Spring) clean. I have been taking bags of things to the Op Shop as well of bags of things to the rubbish skip. Spiders have fled in terror of my feather duster and wet cloth reaching into every nook and cranny. Hence not much time for crafting - only emergency(i.e needed in the IMMEDIATE future) cards being constructed at the moment. This one is for some young friends of ours who have just had their first baby AND moved into their own flat after living with parents. So this is a 'be happy in your new home' card for them. A very exciting, but a bit of a scary time for them as they are very young. Still they are VERY much in love and their wee baby boy is VERY cute and we wish them lots of sunshine and rainbows in the years ahead. In the meantime our hallway is like a commando course as the old lounge suite is parked in there. Our young friends are coming to see it on Friday to see if it will be suitable for them in their flat. Until then I will keep putting on my camoflage face paint and combat pants in order to get down to the bathroom!! Thanks for looking in today.
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