Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tilda . . . . . again!!!!

Sorry about that but I am a bit addicted at the moment. Another week flown by and no post. Sorry about that too. I have made a couple of cards in the last week but I was so late with them, and needed to get them in the mail quickly, that I forgot to photograph them!!! How dumb is that? Nearly happened with this one too but as I hand delivered it I as able to snap it after Susan had opened it. I have to warn you that MORE Tilda (and her friend Edwin) are in the offing as I am awaiting an overseas delivery of about 6 more!!! I am teaching the Distress Ink painting technique in April and will use Tilda for that class, so classes after that will be using her too to reinforce the technique learned in April. Right I'm off to tidy up my craft desk and unpack my crate from last weekend!! Thanks for looking today.
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