Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where have I been?

Hi Everyone what a beautiful morning to make a comeback (lol). Where have I been? Well . . . . I've spent a lot of time looking fo my missing MOJO. Still haven't found all of it - just some small parts of it. I guess it happens to all of us but mine was aided and abetted in it's dissappearance by a few other factors. The Christchurch earthquake made me VERY sad. Those poor people, to have gone through the September quake and the ensuing months of tremors and clean up, all the time thinking that they were lucky not to have suffered any loss of life. Then WHAMMY hit again. Who says lightening doesn't strike twice? Every day and night since I have thanked my lucky stars for being able to shower, brush my teeth, jump into a warm, dry bed etc. Do we take things for granted or what??? This morning is a beautiful one but definitely a hint of autumn in the air so again my thoughts are with the Christshurch people as I wonder just how they'll cope with the oncoming winter? So that was one factor. The other has been resolved I'm very happy to say. I had placed 2 orders for stamps - 1 in the US and 1 in the UK and was looking forward to the Postie bringing my goodies. About a week later the package arrived from the US and inside was the Tilda image on today's card. I was needing the UK parcel so that I could complete today's card for a shop sample. I waited and waited but nothing. I think the Postie was getting a bit worried by me being at the mail box EVERY day. I was in danger of being reported as a stalker(lol). Several e-mails were exchanged and the supplier (who I have used before) wasn't concerned in the least. Mail always takes ages to NZ they said. Contact us again if it hasn't turned up after 4 weeks. 4 Weeks!!!!! I have NEVER had UK mail take that long. EVER!!! As each day went by I was more depressed and I was convinced that it was lost for all time. Then yesterday, 4 weeks to the day after I ordered my package, there it was in the mail box!!! (I had long since given up stalking the Postie). Oh joy!!! I did a little dance right there on the spot when I saw it. (It's OK the neighbours already know I'm a bit crazy!!) So needless to say my MOJO was given a huge boost and I finished my card. Mind you, on Sunday I decided that I couldn't wait any longer for my goodies - one of which was a cutting die for lace edging - so I borrowed the eyelet border punch you see in the picture and used that. Typical - I guess that is what made the package turn up. Anyway I am VERY happy to have ALL my goodies at last. The card is inspired by Debbie Dolphin who does THE most amazing things with the Tilda and Edwin stamps, so a big thank-you to Debbie who inspires me in many ways. The large rose is handmade but the other flowers are all from Wild Orchid Crafts in the UK. who have THE best selection of flowers and pretty cheap too. The sentiments are computer generated. The Nesties is Labels 10 (love it) and Tilda is painted with Distress Inks. This technique is VERY addictive but oh so relaxing to do. Well I have to go to the shops for a few bits so I'd better get moving. Thanks for looking and I hope it was a nice surprise to see me back in business.
PS Don't ya just love it that Tilda has her shoes on the wrong feet?  SOooooo cute!!!

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