Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Such Good Intentions . . . .

. . . . . and they always disappear.  EVERY year (certainly for the last 3 or 4) I have such good intentions early on in the year to be more organised with my Christmas cards and gifts but EVERY year I end up making things at the last minute in such a panic it takes much of the enjoyment out of making them myself!!  I should be REALLY glad that I am making my own this year after the dreadful time I  had with my hands earlier in the year so I'll stop whinging and get on and Just Do It as a famous brand tell us to do.
The card with the birdie and holly on was going to be my ONE design for this year but I got 10 of them done and now I am down to simple embossed designs like the other two.  I have enough (40) made to fulfill our Overseas Family and Friends needs, and this mornings job is to write and post them.  Then I need to create another 20 or so for New Zealand Family and Friends.  I have made 3 Specials for the instructors at Nifty Fifties and for the Pool Office Staff but I forgot to photograph them!!! Duh!!! I'll try to remember to take my camera to the pool on Thursday and snap them before they are given.  So I hope you are all in better shape than I.  Have a lovely day and thanks for looking today.  I hope you like my new Christmasy Blog layout.  Off to hit the cards and envelopes!!!

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