Friday, October 4, 2013

Cake Pops

 Hi again Everyone.  Arn't these just the cutest wee cakes you ever saw??  I have been trying to get a cake pop maker for the kids for ages.  Finally a very helpful young man at Newbold's 100% store in Upper Hutt came to the rescue and ordered me one in especially.  We were SO excited when we collected it on Wednesday morning.  Of course we had to come straight home and test it out.  We had promised to take the guys at Newbold's a cake when we had made them.  So we set to work.  What FUN!!!  Can't recommend them enough.  Easy recipe (throw everything in together and beat)  Quick - only FIVE minutes to cook a batch(? Is that what you call a collection of cake pops?  I'm sure there should be a cooler name than batch).  The gadget cooks 6 at a time so we had 24 cake pops in no time at all.  Then comes all the fun of decorating them.  We chose melted chocolate and a variety of 'sprinkles' for this little lot and as you can clearly see they turned out to be FABULOUS.  We are going to make more (of course) next week so watch this space for new creations!!!Would be just a great activity for kid's birthday parties.  Make the cake pops in advance (this would eliminate the frustrating time waiting for the cakes to cool) and thern each child can decorate his/her own cake pop as they wish.  Fun all the way.  We went back to Newbold's in the afternoon with cake pops for the guys.  Their faces were just like kids too.  Photos were taken before popping the WHOLE cake into their grinning mouths.  Right now I have to go because we are about to make Chocolate Chunk Cookies Yum.  T&T go home today but return on Monday for the second week of hols.  Have a great weekend all of you.  PS If you are looking for a good, fun movie go see Turbo!!! We all (T&T, their mum, G'ma and G'dad) went on Wednesday night.  For those of you who don't know Turbo is a garden snail who manages to get turbo-charged and enters the Indy 500.  Very clever people these CGI guys.  Go see it.  PPS Of course T&T have made their own Cane-Deer too.
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  1. Yum Yum pigs bum I want one of those. Looking really good. Fingers crossed I might get one sent in a little box. Hint Hint Hint.......... LOL