Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Class at Wirksworth

Well who would have thought it?  Here we are on holiday in the UK (sweltering in temperatures in the high 20's) and I have participated in a craft class today.  I was shopping in a lovely craft shop in a little town called Wirksworth and saw this lovely triptych.  I loved it and so was delighted when the man said it was a class.  Immediately my wonderful husband told me to book in for it even though it meant he had to drive me there and then amuse himself (in this sleepy, wee town) for 6 hours whilst I had fun doing this amazing project.  Isn't he just The Best?  And so I have a wonderful day making my triptych.  I got paint EVERYWHERE and goodness knows how long it will take me to get all the paint off my nails but who cares?  I am one happy bunny.  This time next week we will be winging our way home to NZ.  I think I might have to pack a corner of my suitcase with some of this lovely sunshine.

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  1. Ha Ha, I would never had thought you would get a craft fix while all those miles away. Such a bonus I must say and good on you Harold. Devoted to pleasing dear Elaine no end. So impressed, not sure I would ever get away with that. Fab project I must say and can see why you would be covered in paint. Say flight home. XX