Monday, September 1, 2014

Crazy, Crazy Times

Hi Everyone.  It seems/is SUCH a long time since I Blogged.We have been back just 4 weeks from our fantastic 8 week holiday and I think my brain is still on holiday somewhere. Hard, as always, to settle down to 'normal life'again.  This year has been harder because of lots of domestic things happening. Minor operation for my husband, major surgery for our eldest granddaughter, swimming carnivals for our two youngest grand children and an all important 11th birthday for a grand child. Plus I taught my first class since our return last Saturday.  I had LOTS of pre-cutting to do for this class (Butterfly Corner post from back in April/May) and as this class was over subscribed I get to do it all again next month as we repeat it for another class of Lovely Ladies.  Results of medical procedures are all good I'm pleased to say.  In between all of these dramas I had to be VERY disciplined to make the cards I am about to post. In order of appearance they are 11th birthday card.  60th Wedding Anniversary card.  Friend's birthday card. Three snowflake cards for a class in September and a Christmas card for a class in October.  Sorry they are all together in one post but I just don't have the energy to do them all separately.  I hope you enjoy looking.  I enjoyed making them even if a little stressed at times.  Hope it's not so long to the next post. Thanks for visiting today.

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