Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Class Whilst on Holiday

 Well who would have thought it?  Here I am on holiday in the UK (sweltering in temperatures in the high 20's) and I have participated in a craft class today.  A dream come true!!!  I have had such a lovely day.  I was craft shopping in a lovely craft shop in Wirksworth and saw this lovely triptych and was soooooooooooooo excited when the man told me it was a class.  My wonderful husband immediately told me to book in for it even though it meant he had to drive me there and then amuse himself for 6 hours (in a little Derbyshire town) whilst I had fun all day.  Now isn't he The Best?  The pictures show you the results of my efforts.  I ended up VERY messy with paint EVERYWHERE.  Goodness knows how many days it will take for me to get it off my nails but who cares?  I am one happy bunny!!!  This time next week we will be winging our way back home to NZ.  Might have to pack a corner of my suitcase with sunshine.  Thanks for looking today.

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