Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Santa Through the Window

Hello Everyone I hope you are all well and happy tonight. I am very happy because I lurve tonight's blog!!! I saw Barbara Gray do something similar on a UK craft show at the weekend and I thought 'I could do that' so I did!! I hunted through my stamps and found all I needed so that was good. I cut out a mask of the window and brayered the sky through the mask. Also stamped Santa and the trees through the window. Didn't like all the white space around the window so I used my holly corner (which is one of Barbara's Clarity Stamps) to fill in some of the white space and give it an even more Christmasy feel. I glittered on the trees and in the corners of the windows. The top photo (taken with the flash) is very true to colour but the bottom photo (without the flash), whilst showing the colours horribly, does show the glitter/snow up much better. Hope you like and thanks for looking.
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