Friday, September 2, 2011

Improving slowly!!

Hi again Everyone. Much better effort this time - only a few days since my last Blog. A very quick and simple card today - by necessity as it's my friend Bob's birthday TODAY!!! Guess where I'm going as soon as I've finished Blogging??? LOL Good job I looked in my birthday book yesterday to see what's coming up. My mind still hasn't settled back into working mode since our holiday. Anyway he will never know that I just 'threw' this together this morning will he? He used to be my boss and he is just lovely. He has a little drawer with all the cards I have made for him over the years. I should take a good look at them to see if I am improving shouldn't I? Hope he likes this one and that he has a great day. Right I'm off to play Postman Pat. Thanks for looking today and have a great weekend One and All.
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