Monday, October 24, 2011

Advent - Christmas is a Comin'

Hi Again Everyone and if you live in NZ I hope those of you who work are enjoying your Labour Day holiday. Pity the sun isn't shining (well here in Upper Hutt anyway) but I guess all is well with world here in NZ whatever the weather since the All Blacks were crowned Rugby Worl Cup Champions last night. I/We are definitely NOT rugby fans and we are certainly looking forward to life getting back to normal post World Cup fever but I guess we will have to endure the celebrations for at least another week yet. Still it is nice for people to have something to get excited about and celebrate. Me? I rather have some new stamps or some yummy scrapbook papers!!! Speaking of which today's post is what I have been working of for the last three or four days. Such a delight to make and a big thank-you to Kate and Julie for putting together such a lovely (Kaisercraft) kit. It really was la delight to work on from beginning to end. It is for my Two Favourite Little People of course. I still have to add the numbers onto the little boxes but we are waiting for them to come into stock and I couldn't wait to show off my creation. We have also bought a Lego Advent Calendar for Trent and Tayla where I think they make a little lego item each day to add to the calendar scene so they can take it in turns with this one and the Lego one. Of course I now have to find 24 goodies to go into the drawers - not just this year but for many years to come too. I love my creation and I hope you do too. Thanks for stopping by today and for all those of you who have been visiting over tha last week or so. Visitors numbers have certainly been up. Thanks.
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  1. What a magic project, I certainly must have been a so enjoyable to make and the kiddies will love this.