Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads

Right here we go!!! Three Twas the Night Before stamps used with Angelina Fibres sandwiched in between two layers of Fantasy Film and then cut out and stuck onto the basic card which has also been stamped with the image. Don't you just love the effect? I do. Again time and patience but sooooo worth it (I think) I hate these programs where they say 'Quick and Easy'. I really don't do quick and easy. I like to think of my cards as a labour of love created for the recipient with special care and attention. But that's just me. Each to their own as my Mum used to say. Right that's me done posting for today.I am hoping to create some more later on this afternoon., but right nowI'm going to have my (very late) lunch because we have only just come back from the pool which was a huge success!!! I did LOTS of flexion exercises and walking back and forth across the pool many times. I was a bit concerned that if I managed to get in I wouldn't be able to get out again and they would have had to call the Fire Brigade to assist me. Now why didn't I just pretend not to be able to get out and have some gorgeous hunk of a Fireman rescue me??? Thanks for stopping by today and looking at my work.

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  1. You have the patience of a saint, they do look really special with the Fibre work. Even I can see how great they look.

    Hugs Me