Friday, October 28, 2011

I've been playing

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday to you all. I hope you all have something nice to look forward to this weekend. We are going to the wedding of some young friends of ours. I gave them the card I had made today WITHOUT PHOTOGRAPHING IT FIRST!!! How dumb was that? So now you'll never see it will you? Sorry about that. Anyway these three are what I have been playing with for the last couple of days. I purchased a lovely instructional DVD from the States and have been studying it and trying to replicate the lessons on there. The first couple are my first attempts which didn't turn out quite how I would have liked (hence I didn't mount them to complete the cards) but it is all good practise. The third one is a slightly different technique and it turned out to be quite a reasonable effort (I think anyway) I will keep trying and post more as I do them. I think they would make quite a nice class in the New Year (when I've mastered the intracasies a bit more). All the stamps are from Stampscapes and I just love them. They all go together so well and you don't have to make lots of masks either!!! Right I'm off to give my inky fingers a good wash and then paint my nails ready for tomorrow. Thanks for looking today.
P.S I have been to the pool 3 times this week and done lots of walking up and down which is helping my recovery.

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  1. Stunning, they are so life like. I really do love these.
    Hope you have a wonderful time at the Wedding.