Thursday, February 14, 2013

Magic Box

OMG How long has it been? It seems like ages to me.  I have been working hard trying to sort out class projects for the year.  It takes FOREVER!!!  Then you try out one and realise that's it's NEVER going to work in a class situation blah, blah, blah!!!  Anyway here at last is one that will DEFINITELY work.  It's called a magic box and if you are interested in seeing some truely BEAUTIFUL magic boxes then go to this link or Google Magic Boxes and go take a look.    The ladies name is Elaine (the same as mine so she must be nice!!!)  Her boxes are an absolute delight - specially when you realise just how small they are.  Mine is only about 7.5 cms high and the base/top is about 6cms square.  Loved doing it and I have more ideas planned in my head.  Hope they manage to escape sometime soon!! LOL.  First class of the year coming up on Saturday.  Don't know why but I'm always a bit nervous after the Christmas break.  We're doing the Sunset Concertina Card.  There are only 4 booked in so a gentle breaking in.  We're off out to lunch now.  My husband asked me very nicely this morning if I would like to go.  Of course I would please.  Then I realised it is Valentine's Day today!! How lovely is that?  We have never done the Valentine's thing - EV ER so after 45 years of marriage it is delightful.  See you soon.

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  1. So much work, but the results are beautiful