Friday, February 1, 2013

Tayla's Family

Tayla has spent lots of time over the last couple of days making this delightful wee family from scraps of card, punches, scissors, blusher, glue and a couple of pens.  The idea was all hers and she has worked away quietly and steadily.  I think you will agree that the end result is VERY cute.  The family consists of Mum and Dad, teenage sister (who just happens to be the Prom Queen) octuplet babies (4 boys and 4 girls) and the two maids/nannies who are also twins!!!!!  You can cetainly see the family resemblance don't you think?  It is a bit of worry that the maids/nannies look like the family too!!!  Last day with Trent and Tayla today.  The weeks have gone by so quickly.  Back to school on Monday for them which will be exciting as they are going to a new school.  Hope you enjoyed looking at Tayla's wee family.

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