Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scenic Tags

 Hi Everyone and I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.  I cetainly am enjoying my weekend.  We went out for lunch today.  Yesterday I was taxi Mum to our youngest daughter, her partner and friend who wanted to do a local scenic walk.  It is a point-to-point walk and so you need transport back from the far end.  I dropped them off at the start just before 9 and went to pick them up at 2 and it all worked out perfectly.  I had been waiting (reading my book) for about 15minutes when they walked out.It was another beautiful day and they had really enjoyed their walk so that was good.  Later in the aftrnoon our eldest daughter arrived with my two favourite Little People for a surprise visit which was lovely.  We bought Fish and Chips for tea and ate them from the paper too!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm.
Anyway onto the post . . . .  I have been wanting to have a go at these scenic tags since before Christmas.  I saw them done by Dianne at Art of Craft when I went there in October.  I bought some new stamps (of course) to have a go and have only just found the time.  I copied Dianne's to get me started and give me confidence.  They are SUCH fun to do and I'm raring to go with more.  However I do have to keep an eye on the date as my next class is looming on the horizon and I still have the dreaded instructions to write and my '. . . . and here's one I prepared earlier' pieces to get ready, so more tags may have to sit back for a little while.  I do have a couple of other samples for future classes underway too.  Hope you like the tags.  I was cetainly quite pleased withy them as a first attempt.  Thanks for looking today.
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  1. They are stunning, I thought I could pick a favourite but nahhhhhhhhhhhhh all three are.