Tuesday, March 27, 2012

True Love

Hello Everyone.  Another week whizzed by - it's quite scary just how fast the time goes isn't it?  I have been busy with lots of little jobs that have needed doing so not a lot to show for time invested.  We finally got new towels for the bathroom, a toilet roll holder and a liquid soap dispenser so now we just need the blinds fixing (due next week) and that project can be signed off as complete.  On the other hand I came home from swimming last Monday and the men were here felling two trees that had to go in the garden restructure.  That changed the plans I had made for a few days!!  Yesterday we got the final landscape plan drawings so we can move on with the next phase which is getting quotes for the actual work.  One firm come today and another tomorrow.  It's getting quite exciting.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon on the internet checking out what the different varieties of trees and plants look like.  Again it wasn't quite what I'd planned to do qith my afternoon but it was a very pleasant. So finally this morning I got around to finishing this wee card.  My friend Ellen's daughter gets married on Saturday to her childhood sweetheart - isn't that lovely?  They have been in love forever and I hope they will continue to be in love forever.  I don't have Tilda and Edwin as a bridal couple so used this one of them having a big hug.  Catherine is a very down to earth girl who has planned their wedding as a fun gathering of friends and family to celebrate their love, so I hope the dungarees and pinafore fit in with that idea.  It goes to them with all our good wishes and love of course.  Right onto the next job on the list.  Thanks for looking today.
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