Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspirational Tags

Hi again Everyone - a few days since I had anything to post - sorry. Tonight's project is a Work-In-Progress and this is Part 1. Our Darling Granddaughter, Ashleigh who is 22, has embarked on a weight loss program and joined the gym in an effort to get herself in better shape for her big adventure of going to Australia to try the waters over there. Her Christmas gift from us was her ticket and some money to get started. She is hoping to go to Aussie in March. Anyway . . . . to help keep her focused and motivated I am sending a little inspirational saying to her Face Book page every day. She loves them and looks early each morning to see what 'today's' saying is. Then I had the idea of printing each sayng onto a decorated tag and then putting ALL the tags onto a ring so that, at the end, she will have a little reminder of her journey and can refer to it in the future when she feels she needs some encouragement and direction. She doesn't know about the Tag Book. That will be surprise for her at the end. I can fit 6 tags onto an A4 sheet of card so I am going to post them in sets of six for you to see. Obviously these photos are Part 1. I worked out where I needed to position the sayings to print centrally on each tag. Then having printed the sheet off I marked out and cut out the tags, trimmed the top corners and punched the hole. Then I used TH Distress Inks (yummy colours) to sponge both front and back of the tag, before using third generation ink to overstamp a subtle image, rather like a watermark effect. Lastly I tied a small satin ribbon through the hole before slipping them onto a ring. I am putting them in the order I have posted them to her FB page - Day1, day 2 etc. So I will post the next six when they are complete. I feel rather pleased with the idea and the result. I hope you enjoyed your visit today and thanks for stopping by.

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