Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cards a'comin' up Two by Two

Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2012 will be a healthy year with lots of good happenings for you all. As you know I have quite a few birthdays in January to make cards for and the words 'The animals came in two by two. Hurrah. Hurrah' have been running through my head these last few days as I seem to have graduated to making two of each card - like my last post Kinda the Same But Different. It is certainly much quicker if you get a little production line going don't you find? Anyway one of twins is staying in NZ and the other is going overseas to the UK so they will be well separated and the recipients will never know that they do not have a 'One of a Kind'. I have some new goodies I am dying to play with and I am close to being able to do so now with most of my January cards done. If you are still on holiday I hope you are enjoying a restful time. I have been most gratified to see the large numbers visiting my blog in recent times and I thank those of you who do visit. It is most encouraging and keeps me thinking and creating to post more for you to look at.
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