Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kinda the Same but Different

Hello Everyone out there and I trust that you all had a safe and very enjoyable Christmas and that now you are looking to cut back a bit on eating so many good things. Last of the left-overs went here today and so it's back to more humble things like sausages and beans on toast!!! Santa was very kind to me and I have some lovely gifts - some of which are yummy papers and a gorgeous TH stamp. I have two in that series already and I love them so it was great to get a third one. The other day my SU order arrived with my Christmas stamp for 2012. I hope to try it out later but time may run out on me as I have lots of January birthdays to make cards for. These are the first two and as you will have guessed they are for dear friends. I liked Joan's one so much that I decided to repeat it for Anne but just changed the embellishment of it a bit. They are both bound for the UK and usually I don't put 3D embellishments on but couldn't resist so I hope I don't have to take out a mortgage to cover the postage!!! Must go as I can smell the sausages burning. Thanks for visiting.
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