Saturday, December 24, 2011

Never Ending Card

Christmas Eve 9.14am and here I am posting on my Blog!!! I have been up to the shops twice and paid a visit to the cemetery already. We were at the greengrocers at 6.15am to get all our fresh goodies ready for tomorrow. We then came home and had breakfast and now Harold has gone to golf (It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day) I nipped back up town, where I expected things to be hectic but was pleasantly surpeised that it was still quiet. I sailed into the supermarket, got my 3 items and sailed out again. Job done!!! Have a busy day ahead of course but I have plenty of time to plod along doing whatever needs to be done ready for tomorrow. ............In the meantime ............. I finished this Never Ending Card last night. We are going to make it a class in early 2012 so this will be the shop sample, I think, although I do need a birthday for a friend in the UK for Jan 6 so might use this one and make another for the shop. Took me quite a little while to work out the decorating/embellishing but subsequent ones will be a piece of ease now!!! I do love butterflies so I am quite pleased with the finished article. It may be a few days before anyone has time/chance to see this but that's OK. Have a lovely day tomorrow with your loved ones. Happy Christmas!

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