Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Final Snow Globe Card

This is my final Snow Globe card and is for my lovely husband. He is so supportive of all the things I do and this is my Thank-You card as well as my Christmas card to him. I don't remember to say thank-you as often as I should so I always make sure I say it in my Christmas card. All my other snow globes were with blue card and I thought white might be a bit boring but when I tried it our BEFORE sticking anything down I was pleasantly surprised and so decided to go with the white. I have NO more snow globes left now so need to replenish my stocks and maybe do some globes WITHOUT snow but with flowers and butterflies inside. I'll post them on here if/when I do some. I have all my Christmas crafting done now and have made a start on NEXT year's Christmas cards!!! Only joking!!!!! but I have made a start on January Birthdays and on class samples for 2012. If only the organisation and efficiency continued on (sigh!). Hope your week is going OK and you're not too frazzled. Thanks for visiting and I hope your visit was a pleasant break for you.
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  1. I so do love the look of the globe cards you have made, It sure looks stunning in the white. I do hope oneday you will show me how you make one. I bet they are so much more stunning to actually see than the photo reflects. Do they have snow in them

    Loved the laughs and the chat last night. 1.30 b4 I put my head down


  2. Yeah they do have snow in them!!! I too loved last night. I meant to ask you what technique I am going to teach you (and any body else) when I come up next. Was it brayered landscapes??? Clearly snow globes are on the agenda too!! I slept better with Karen's good news in my head.