Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Look What Trent and Tayla Made . . . .

. . . . . arn't they cute? We had this instruction sheet, torn from some magazine at some time, and yesterday Tayla was looking at it and decided she would have a go at the sausage dog, with some scraps which wern't really big enough. So I got her some bigger pieces, showed her how to use a cutter properly, got her some punches, glue sticks etc and she re-created the sausage dog. Then along came Trent and wanted in on the act too, but not a sausage dog, so he copied one of the other dogs on the sheet. I assisted by drawing the templates for them to use and offering 'technical' advice when needed. Pretty impressive efforts don't you think? Tayla is planning a 'curly haired' dog too now. Oh I forgot to say that the dog's heads wobble as they are on a spring!! Very cool. Beautiful day here again so we are off to the park a bit later and then Adventures of Tin Tin at the movies this evening. Thanks for looking today. We hope you like our little dogs as much as we do!!
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  1. Wow, they are fantastic, Tayla and Trent have great talent like their Grandma. I love the fact that the heads wobble. Their faces are really cute to and good colours chosen. Well done indeed. 10 stars each I say

    Ali P