Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Last Three

 These are the last of my October birthday cards so now I can relax a bit and play with some things I have sitting calling my name from my cupboard.  I think I told you that I participated in an all day class last Saturday?  Well these three cards are direct copies of some of the lovely vintage cards we made.  So thanks Ali for the class which was fantastic and I just know my three friends are going to love their cards.  We made a really neat folder to house the cards too.  Teresa Collins design paper.  Yummy!!  It feels like it's late but it's only 9.15pm.  I might retire to bed early with my book.  Trent and Tayla are here at the weekend and for the following 2 weeks of school holidays so I need to make sure my batteries are on full charge - at lease for the start of the hols!!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Maybe we will have some kid's art/crafts to post over the next 2 weeks??? (Apologies for the colouring on the last image.  The flash was playing up on my camera.  It is really in the same tonings as the other two!!)

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