Friday, April 9, 2010


Good Evening Everyone I've just finished this very elegant lady. It is taken from Barbara Gray's DVD number 4 and I love it. It is such a good way to learn tricky techniques. I set myself up on the dining room table and put the DVD on the TV in there. I select the project I want to do (there are 8 to choose from I think) and play it through. Then I get all my ingredients together and play it again in small segments, pausing it whilst I do that segment myself. When I am satisfied I play the next step, pause it etc, etc. Of course I can replay it as many times as I need to until I have got the hang of it. Anyway that's how I did this card. I don't know if you can see between the two photos but the black background card has the swirl design clear embossed on it around the edges - VERY CLASSY! Kasha 's(that's the lady's name) dress is done with Angelina Fibres, cut out and stuck to the image with that VERY strong tape with the orange backing tape. I am teaching my Black and White Lady cards to 6 lovely ladies over at the shop tomorrow morning so I had better go and pack my stuff into my wheelie crate. I'm always scared I'll forget something vital. Have a nice weekend Everyone and I'll be back soon. Thanks for stopping by.
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