Sunday, April 4, 2010


A very Happy Easter to you all. Sorry about no postings for the last week but I have been feeling a bit under the weather. Nothing I could put my finger on exactly but felt headachey and so very tired. Not up to anything much. Anyway I'm feeling much better now (despite putting our clocks back last night!!! Very sad, bad and all those winter words.)
So last night I tried the mosaic technique - again! and this time it worked!!!! andI like the results and will be looking for other stamps I have suited to the technique. I followed a tutorial from the Internet (Beatte Johns I think) and she said that after heat embossing the 'tiles' rub a black ink pad all over the image to fill in the 'grouting'. Then use a tissue to wipe off the excess ink. Well what a mess I had when I did that. The ink didn't want to wipe off and I could barely see my rose!!! So I tweeked the instructions and after embossing I sponged black ink over the image and then wiped off the excess. Voila! It worked just fine and I produced the two cards you see posted here. I hope to be back a bit quicker next time. Bye and thanks for visiting.
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