Monday, April 12, 2010

More Mosaics

Good Monday morning Everyone and I hope you all had a good weekend. finding at least a little time to do just what YOU wanted to do. I know that's not always easy, especially if you are a Mum to younger children, but remember your children are MOST SPECIAL and will be grown and independant in the wink of an eye, So enjoy EVERY stage of your childrens development even if it does mean leaving what you had planned to do for yourself until another day. Our two Special Little People are due here any time now to stay for the second week of the school hols so I may be Missing In Action for a few days after this - Woohoo water slides here we come! Right, onto this morning's posts. Two more mosaic cards as you can see. At the class on Saturday I showed off some of my latest creations (already posted) to get a feel for what the ladies would like in future classes. Turned out that they want them ALL including the mosaics, which I hadn't intended to make into a class. So I created these two to go with the other two posted a while back. I particularly like the top one as I feel it has just the right elements for the mosaic technique. I hope you enjoyed your visit today and I look forward to you visiting again soon. Bye.

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  1. Lovely and yes the top one is esp nice, I love this technique it's really cool to see the different takes on it.

  2. I love the red poppies, mind you I do love all four that you have done this way. Just stunning