Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feminine Frills

Hi again. I'm not quite so late tonight so that's good. I haven't done one of these corset cards for quite a while so it was nice to do this one. Once again the inspiration comes from my very favourite artist Barbara Gray. This card is on her DVD number 3 I think. The 'legs' of the model are the word FEMINE stamped twice, once in each direction - very clever font usage! The corset is stamped in conjunction with angelina fibres. The underneath layer (darker pink) I trimmed around the image close to the black line BUT left the fibre fringe at the bottom. The top layer (pale pink) I trimmed ALL around the image and then trimmed off the outside panel on each side. I laced the two parts together with linen thread, tied a tiny bow and twirled the ends. I then used super strong tape to stick the corset in place over the stamped words. I had sponged the dusky pink around the edges of the card before hand. I thought it lacked a little something when I had mounted it up but the gold peel craft corners fixed that I think. What do you think? We're hoping to do another coastal walk tomorrow but I think we'll be out of luck as the weather forecast isn't very flash. Still they have been known to get it wrong sometimes !!! Thanks for stopping by.
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