Saturday, May 21, 2011

Christmas Lantern Gift Box . . .

. . . . with Tilda and Edwin of course!!!Hi Everyone. I am a little tired tonight after teaching all day today. This morning was pretty cruisy with just 3 ladies who worked away happily and went home pleased with their efforts and a very pretty covered bottle each. Actually they didn't go home because all 3 stayed on and did this afternoon's class as well. I had 8 in total and as there was some measuring and cutting to be done first, we had a few mistakes which got us off to a stressful start. Fortunately we had spare sheets and once the cutting was sorted the rest of the afternoon went reasonably well. All seemed pleased with their Thanks a Bunch card and said they were pleased to have learned some new techniques and that they had enjoyed the afternoon. It was a 3 hour class (as opposed to a normal 2 hour) and so it was a long day by the time I had driven for an hour to get home. I called at the 'Chippie' to buy tea, as cooking on top of such a long day would have been the final straw. After a couple of cups of green tea and my fish and chips I was recovered enough to finish off this lantern which is going to be a class in October (nothing like being well organised!!) This has to be my year of Tilda and Edwin and the ladies who do most/all of my classes will be expert in the Distress Ink painting technique by the end of 2011. I loved this little lantern when I saw it and love it even more now that I have completed it. It was used for choccies or similar gift box but I just happened to see these little tealight candles which are battery operated and they look just fantastic flickering away inside the lantern. Quite an easy little project to make and certainly very enjoyable. Right that's me done for today. My two favourite Little People are here for the night whilst Mum and Dad are at a house warming party so no doubt it will be an early start to the day tomorrow so I'm off to bed now. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you like my little lantern.
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