Monday, May 30, 2011

Making Good Progress

Good Evening Everyone and I hope you have all had a good day. It has been another gorgeous sunny day here in Upper Hutt. May has been an incredible month, and for saying we have Winter knocking on the door we are experiencing some very warm temperatures. Some of the nights have been a little cooler of late but nothing too terrible as yet. Well last night and this afternoon I pressed on with the task at hand and produced several cards like this one. I havn't used my trusty brayer in quite a while so I particularly enjoyed making these. Making several the same speeds up the process immensely. I got quite a little production line going!! First I cut all my picture panel pieces to size and then began to create the picture on them. Brayer first colour on all, apply sun mask to all, brayer second colour to all then third colour to all. Sorted out and mounted all the stamps onto separate acrylic blocks so that I could just ink and stamp to create the picture without having to mess about changing stamps on one block. Lastly sponged the bottom of the panels. Next cut the black and the grey pieces for mounting onto. Stamped the swirly stamp onto the grey and then assembled all the pieces together and all done. Tonight I hope to get my last few done so I'll sign off and go to it. Thanks for stopping by and looking today.
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