Tuesday, May 3, 2011

School Holiday Activities

Hello Everyone long time no Blog!!! April 1 the last time so where did April go to??? Some excuses - we went away to Melbourne for a few days and then my two favourite Little People arrived the day we got back and stayed for the whole 2 weeks of the school holidays. We had a ball together and I have Blogged a few photos of different things we/they did. Tayla , with her 'Girls Can Do Anything' attitude built herself a Lego helicopter - all by herself - and then made a jet pack for her little Lego man. Grandad helped them to build a racing track for Trent's Mighty Beanz (any of you in contact with a boy aged about 10 will know what these are) and we all had lots of fun racing our chosen Mighty Bean down the track and into an empty ice cream pot at the end. Next picture shows 3 of the said Mighty Beanz which Tayla managed to balance one on top of the other, first try, much to the annoyance of her older brother who had been trying to do 3 for several days.!! The last photo is my Knight and Knightess in shining armour and helmet. We made these at the library program one day. We went to the library program every day the library was open. I can't praise the children's librarians enough. They did a stirling job with stories and a craft activity each day and a movie bonanza one day. Excellent. We had 2 visits to the movie theatre to see Mars Needs Moms and Rio, both 3D movies. So perhaps I can be excused a little bit for not Blogging for the last few weeks. I am a bit like a lost soul this week without the constant chatter and laughter. A little bit of therapy on Thursday when they are coming here whilst their parents go to a wedding so I have that to look forward to. I'm not sure I'll have much to Blog in the next little while either as I have 3 lots of class instructions to write which always take a while but I'll do my best. I'm off out to do a bit of garden tidying now while the sun is shining. It will be a bit soggy though because it rained overnight. Anyway someones got to do it and I guess it better be me as Harold is out at golf until mid afternoon. Bye and thanks for still looking in after all this time.

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