Saturday, May 28, 2011

Running Out of Time

Hello Everyone. We go off on our annual holiday in just three weeks time and I am running out of time to do all the things I need to. June, July and August are the busiest months (along with January) for me with birthday cards. Hence I need to be super organised and have ALL my cards made ready to either leave here for the NZ people, take with me for the UK people or have ready for the ones which occur immediately I get back. I made one for a young friend whose birthday it is today and three from my list. Where are they then you ask . . . . I forgot to photograph them before sealing them in envelopes!!! DUH!!! I made these four tonight and managed to remember to snap them and Blog them before bed. Because I am getting panicky I decided to do groups of three or four in the same style (but just a touch different) as I find that much quicker than individual ones. Quicker to cut and score several cards the same size. Quicker to dry emboss four one after the other etc. These tree cards are all for males - always a problem don't you think? Along with all the craft things I need to do we are still in the middle of our big re-organisation/autumn clean. We have had some new furniture and so it has been like musical chairs moving things around. I think we are making forward progress but it is only a small speck of light at the end of the tunnel at this point. For an habitual hoarder (like me!!) it is a very traumatic experience - clearing out drawers and cupboards. I am having to be ruthless but I am being very brave about it!! Right off to bed. Thanks for stopping by tonight. I hope to be back soon with the next batch.

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