Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon . . . . .

. . . . That's SOOOO not true. I have been paddling like mad all day and not making much progress!!! We had four days away this last week which was just lovely. We went way up north (for us) to Katikati where my BFF moved earlier in the year. We laughed, almost cried and best of all crafted!!! Anyway now I need to DESPERATELY get some Christmas cards made. I haven't completed ONE yet. I distinctly remember Blogging waaaaaay back in January and telling you all that I had got my Xmas 2011 card design sorted - Stamp bought etc etc and saying 'What's the betting that I am still in a mad rush come the end of the year?' Guess what?????????? This card HAD to take priority today as I need to get it in the post tomorrow. My friend Joan's (in the UK) daughter is getting married on December 10. Joan and I have known each other other for EVER. We have photos of us both in saggy baggy nappies it's been that long. We have such great times when we meet up on our annual trips to the UK. Sadly she won't fly so they are NEVER going to get here to NZ for us to take them around our beautiful adopted country. Never mind! Faye and Nigel's wedding colour scheme is cream, chocolate and taupe hence the colouring in my card for them. I hope they like it half as much as I liked making it for them. Right it must be cup o' tea time. I need something to whet my whistle whilst I make some Christmas cards. See you next time and thanks for calling in today. Have a good week.
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