Monday, November 7, 2011


Have you heard of it? I learned of it earlier in the year and was somewhat intrigued by it but couldn't get going on it. Basically it is 'structured doodling'. One day last week a post from Michelle Zindorf arrived in my inbox which was all about Zentangle and was I interested in finding out more? Yes was my answer so I clicked on the link provided and became bitten by yet another art/craft bug!!! The first card here today is more or less a case of Michelle's post to me/us. This is because Zentangle was a bit overwhelming for me and I just didn't know where to start so I used Michelle's (which incorporated a stamped image - the leaf) to get me going. I am truely enamoured by it. I have looked at lots of examples on line and my second card is my own creation based on a heart shaped 'tangle I saw on my travels. I have ordered the Beginners Zentangle Kit and can't wait for it to arrive. It is said to have very theraputic powers - especially for migraines, insomnia etc. Give it a go. It's fantastic. You loose yourself completely in it's depths. There are some WONDERFUL Zentangle artists out there. You can even attend seminars and become a certified teacher. Sadly all of those are in the States so not very practical for me here in little old NZ but hey I think I am a stayer with this one. Hope you like them even half as much as I do. Thanks for looking today.
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  1. They are amazing, love the heart design. I'm going to have a look see, but I'm sure it sounds like it would give me a migraine and make my insomnia worse (ha ha).Hope the knee is still getting a good work out.

    ALI xx

    PS I'm on count down